Why pursue a Master in RPAS

The RPAS sector is considered as an emergent industry related to multiple services in both civil and military field. This growing and thriving industry is increasingly required in technologic applications of key areas among civil society, not to mention its systematic use in military developments. We can ensure that is a present-day technology, which future projection is excellent, what motivate us to regularly update the content taught in the Master.

The great opportunity of having available, only a few kilometers from the University of Huelva, El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA) as a unique european facilities for certification and validation of unmanned aircraft systems and the main space Port of Spain, made it possible to lunch this educational project years ago with the aim of transferring advanced knowledge in RPAS/UAS and linked technologies in the aerospace sector to national and international students.

CEDEA is integrated in the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), attached to the Ministry of Defense. Attending its short and medium term goals, it is expected the development of relevant projects as the implementation of the Center for medium and large-sized Unmanned Systems (Center of Excellence for Unmanned Systems), which aims to be the most advanced center for development of RPAS in Europe (research, development, testing, validation, certification, qualification and value enhancement). Construction is planned to begin in 2021. Beside this, CEDEA makes certifications and qualifications of aerial platforms of all types, including manned and unmanned systems. This Experimentation Center will become the main space port of the European Union in order to launch rockets for placing in the space public and private suborbital and orbital systems. There are expected eight annual launches. These scientific-technological activities, and much more, beside the official support from INTA, endow the Master in RPAS at the University of Huelva of some unique test range facilities for training practices in a real environment, as well as top expert staff. You will train you capacities and skills in an environment with a huge potential in several fields as research, innovation, project acquisition and business development, what is a highly valued knowledge to be applied into the different administrations and companies in the aerospace sector. Indeed, our Master has an invaluable support from the main corporations of the industry in which you will achieve a substantial part of your training phase.

As result of the interconnection between Master RPAS and its associated companies, we know for certain that almost a 90% of our graduates are subsequently hired by the companies where they do the training period.

RPAS are increasingly covering new application areas, providing services that were unthinkable until now: suborbital satellite systems, long-range radio communication systems, inspecting infrastructures, atmospheric research, topography, risk management and natural catastrophes, fighting fires, environmental control, wild-life research, fish banks detection, monitoring power transmission networks, precision agriculture, security and defense… Without forgetting that are becoming indispensable tools in areas connected with leisure, entertainment, and culture: recognition of historical monuments, filming, sport photography, hunt monitoring… Neither we can forget that RPAS are boosting the development of complementary technologies that are not necessarily reflective of the aerospace industry but crucial to its development: communications, propulsion, energy. sensor, telemetry… Fuel cells are a concrete example, in which case are allowing to rise significantly the flight range.

For these reasons, students from multidisciplinary profiles can enrol in the Master (civil engineering, agricultural, forestry, mining…), due to the increasing demand on the part of our collaborating companies. As well as the common ones (aerospace, telecommunications, computing, electronics, mechanics, physics, mathematics…) and professionals geared to application services or interested in the field of business development.