Student profile

It is necessary to be in possession of a Bachelor Degree in Physics, Engineering or Mathematics. Nevertheless, and as an exception, the Academic Commission could study the curriculum of a student coming from another Degree and allow him/her to enroll in the Master.

For students who have not already completed their Bachelor studies, but they are close to finalizing them, the Academic Commission of the Master may authorize enrollment. However, once they finish the Master program, they may not apply for certification until they present official documentation certifying that they have completed the Bachelor degree. Meanwhile, the Secretariat of the Master shall issue a certificate stating its approval.

A B2 Level of English is recommended.

How to apply

In each edition of the Master a maximum of 30 students will be admitted, in order to ensure quality training, individual monitoring, and placement of each student in the partner companies providing traineeships.

Pre-registration will be open all year, although the selection process will be held prior to the registration period during the month of June. The Academic Commission will publish the list of pre-registered students and send an email to all those who meet the admission requirements, up to a maximum of 30 students. From this number, a waiting list is generated and organized based on a valuation of the pre-registered applicants.

Subsequently, the pre-registered students can proceed with their registration. The University regularly open this period at the end of June. If there are available places by the existence of non-registered students, these shall be assigned in sequence with those pre-registered in the waiting list.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us via email or keep up to date about deadlines and procedures through this website.

Scholarships & Financial grants

The Master have agreements with different bank entities that can facilitate financing of the tuition. The Academic Management Services of the University of Huelva ( can inform about general and mobility grants; as well as about other social and academic grants.

Tuition fees

The Master has a cost of € 8,000, which can be paid in three installments. This cost covers all the expenses of the student during the academic course, including organized trips and practical training to obtain the remote pilot certificate (Open A1/A2/A3 Category and Specific Category STS).